8 Items We Are Coveting Before Starbucks’ Online Store Shuts Down.

Starbucks, the first point of contact to coffee for most of us is closing down their online store for good. It’s not all bad news though, this means that some of their merchandises are going up for sale at discounts up to 50% off (whilst stocks last), so dry your tears, and grab your credit cards, fastest fingers first.

So why the decision to close down their e-commerce sector? It could partly be due to their desire to improve and increase in-store experience at their physical locations. Starbucks’ spokesperson, Maggie Jantzen told Business Insider that “We’re continuing to invest in amplifying Starbucks as a must-visit destination”. Good news Starbucks, you guys are already on my must-visit when I travel… uh… not just because of the wifi…….

With the shutting down of its online stores, Starbucks can also focus more on its “commercial partnerships” like the ones with Ban.Do and Lilly Pulitzer which had turned into some sort of collectible. I gotta say, the good people of Starbucks really know our hearts. So all’s not lost, we are definitely looking forward to any new partnerships they have in the future.

Here are 8 things we have our eye on before the store officially closes on 1 October:


Copper Coffee Press $99.95 $49.98 

Because anything rose gold is a must-buy. Just imagine how pretty it would look on your countertop.


Moka Express Espresso Maker $39.95 $19.98


Glass Water Bottle $29.95 $14.98


Double Wall Verismo® Glass Cup $12.95 $6.48

Definitely a clear choice.


Brew Central Progammable Coffee Maker $89.95 $62.97


Bodum® Pour-over Coffee Maker $39.95 $27.97


Bodum® Acrylic Travel Coffee Press $19.95 $9.98

Feel the buzz everywhere you go.


Black Starbucks® Coffee Company Handle Mug $12.95 $9.07

For all your campfire photos.


All images by Starbucks

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