An Evening of Groove & Awesome Wine at Choice Cuts. 23rd July.

On the featured image above, of bottles of “Don’t Throw Plastic In The Ocean, Please”, retailing at Artisan Cellars, Singapore:

“This wine label comes in 12 languages and as you can see is pasted by hand. Most importantly it’s utterly delicious. A wild natural wine project by Jean-Marc Brignot and Anders Frederik Steen.”

It’s hard not to get excited about natural wines once you’ve tasted one. Seemingly unorthodox from the wines we’re used to, natural wines are literally that – natural, without sulphite preservatives.

Turn the next wine bottle around and you’ll see in the back label: ‘contains sulphites’.

Similar to the craft beer movement before, the natural wine movement is picking up steam as small-batch wineries passionate about their wines gain traction globally.

Gentle Folk Blossoms 2016

In celebration of music and wine, Choice Cuts Goods + Coffee is teaming up with Benjamin Chew (an artisanal wine enthusiast), Chef Jack Trooper from New York and musicians, The Pocket Watchers to bring you an evening for the senses.

Enjoy the funk and jazz vibes of the live band in their intimate cafe while enjoying a pairing of handpicked artisanal wines and gourmet light bites. 

Here’s the wine list for the evening:

  • Chantereves 2015 Bourgogne Chardonnay
  • Jauma 2016 ‘Rastacondria’ Rose Shiraz
  • Jean-Marc Brignot & Anders Frederik Steen 2016 ‘Don’t Throw Plastic in the Ocean Please’
  • Gentle Folk 2016 Blossoms

However, Benjamin dismisses the emphasis on “natural” versus “non-natural” wines. On his ideology and why he chose these wines:

I felt that these wines represent what I believe in good wine. Where winemaking is taken seriously and wines are made meticulously through crafted approaches. Even though most of the four wines are natural wines, these wines show how a good wine should be like regardless of it being natural or not. I feel that wines should not be classified solely under the terms natural and not natural, as it creates unnecessary classifications. The wines chosen have certain lightness and elegance, while not being short and singular, making it perfect for drinking at such an event. Most importantly for this event, I want to showcase wines that are of good value, approachable to all, and of course, awesome to drink. 

Paired with

Light Bites by Chef Jack Trooper (NYC)

  • Eggplant crostini – chili, feta
  • Boquerone crostini – tomato jam, almond
  • Wild boar speck – horseradish butter, melon
  • Zucchini – ricotta, pistachios

Featuring Live Music by

The Pocket Watchers

  • Tim Stocker – Baritone Saxophone
  • Anthony Howe – Drums and Vocals
  • Oliver Von Essen – Organ

When a musician plays a groove that’s very solid and with a great feel…”, this is referred to informally as being “in the pocket”; when they maintain this feel for an extended period of time, never wavering, this is often referred to as a “deep pocket”.

The Pocket Watchers are a group of Singapore based musicians dedicated to exploring the pocket across a variety of musical styles with strong roots in Jazz, Funk and R&B. It’s a rotating door led by Saxophonist – Tim Stocker and Drummer – Anthony Howe giving many musicians a chance to find their pocket in a creative and fun environment.

Choice Cuts Music & Wine 2017 2

A starter tasting set at 2 wines + bites + Cover is priced reasonably at $38, with the full set of 4 at $62. With limited capacity, pre-orders are available for booking online at this link.

Bon Appetit!


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