ANDSOFORTH Presents: The Spy, The Thug, His Wife & Her Lover

13411801_1237276732983032_4009452591403293893_oIt is exactly as it sounds. The Spy, The Thug, His Wife & Her Lover happens to be the third and favourite ANDSOFORTH instalment I’ve been to, and it won’t be the last. The immersive world you sit (, stand, laugh, gamble or puzzle-solve) through is almost always staggering; and I hate to admit it but most parts of this recount won’t do the night justice. You just have to go for one of their pop-up theatre feasts for yourself. There is so much to be unexpected.

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Here is the brief we got:

And So Forth returns this August with their latest thrilling interactive dining experience, “The Spy, The Thug, His Wife and Her Lover”. Work with The Spy though a series rooms and situations, attempt to break out of prison, extract information, conceal identities, and buoyantly escape without blowing your cover.

As agents, you will be required to use yours wits, exercise self-control, consume food, guzzle fabulous cocktails and make merry. Instructions to your meeting point and necessary guidelines to follow will be sent in your ticket confirmation.

*Disclaimer – This event consists of interaction with actors, immersive dining experiences, and only a hint of problem solving, it is not an escape room. All elements involved are meant to entertain, excite, and engage guests in the company of strangers.


I still try not to be daunted by how elusive this all sounds, but when you’re handed an envelope and asked to locate and mention a secret code to a certain spy, then whisked from room to room, all the while with characters flirting, yelling, solving mysteries and assassinating hooligans with you, it is quite a shock to the system.

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So away with your ideas of a quiet dinner and watching artists “do their thing” on a distant stage. You’re in the thick of it, and have to think on your feet.

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Let’s just say you’ll only have as much fun as you want to. I went with my feisty friend Joelynn, who made it all more thrilling and amusing to watch by constantly hurling curveballs at the actors.


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There’s also nothing disappointing about the four courses of food, which to me is the core experience and all I care for beyond the theatrics which may seem like distracting “fluff” to unentertained guests. Like I said, you have as much fun as you decide to, and much rises and falls on the dynamics of the whole group – how game you are. But at each sneaky juncture the food reminded me of how caught up I’d been by the multi-sensory exploit.



My personal favourites were the Snake Eye whisky cocktail from dreamlike “Crystal Bar”, and a rather generous Panna Cotta made from fresh vanilla topped with raspberry coulis and delicious crumble. That ended a night of mystery on a sweet and tart note.

A truly well thought out affair with many moving parts – both scripted and improvised to paint a picture of a night that would leave you wanting more, or wondering how other groups of guests took it.

Tickets are going for $88 on the &SOFORTH Official Site. Like and keep in touch with current and future shenanigans on Facebook.

The dates are as follows:

5th – 7th, 12th – 14th, 19th – 21st, 26th – 28th August 2016

2nd – 4th, 9th – 11th, 16th – 18th September 2016

And location is for you to find out when the time comes.

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