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Slow-cooker Winter Sangria

Christmas is coming and we all know how busy one can get during this festive season with all the gatherings, parties and whatnot. This cocktail will make a great addition to your holiday get-togethers and it’s easy to boot! Winter Sangria is fruity just like the cold summertime beverage you may be used to, except instead of adding ice cubes to each glass this slow cooked mulled wine version is served warm.


Leftover Turkey Pot Pie

Christmas is coming up really really soon and if you have left-overs from the feasting, I have just the recipe for you here. I should note also that you really could tuck any number of things into this pie. I’ve started with the very basics of a Leftover Turkey Pot Pie, but you should feel free to add to it whatever happens to be lurking in your fridge after the holiday.


The Perfect Pumpkin Pie for Fall

Caramelizing the pumpkin puree means that this is a pie with guts, one that won’t just sit there phoning in the pumpkin flavor, burying it under lots of spice. But its genius is much more than that. You don’t have to blind bake the crust. You use real milk and cream instead of evaporated milk, with predictably better results. And because you blast it at 400 degrees the whole time, it bakes in 25 minutes — less than half the time of your average back-of-the-can recipe.