Châteraisé $1.20 Layered Matcha Ice Cream Bar

I wouldn’t have matcha faith in a $1.20 bar elsewhere. But with Châteraisé, I imagine the payoff to be average to immense. Trust the Japanese confectionary, which has only been in Singapore for about four months, to nail the nation’s most revered flavour.


The matte packaging is 10/10 regardless.


An icy, relatively bitter coat of authentic matcha melts to reveal a creamy, milky interior. More matcha. And very importantly, they weren’t kidding about using premium ingredients.


Here’s the ingredient list. Definitely reaching for this whenever I’m craving a cold, balanced, no-nonsense matcha snack now! Also goes to prove my theory that Châteraisé has offerings that vary in value for money, but nothing there disappoints.

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