Cider is the new beer? Yay or Nay?

The popularity of Cider might appear to be on the rise, but the fact is it has been around since early 1900s.

This infographic explains.

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Here are

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We have been making cider since 1658. This is the first documented evidence of Gabriel Showering, our uncle 14 generations back, taking his cider around the public houses of Shepton Mallet, Wells and Glastonbury.

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In 1842 we opened our first pub, The Kings Arms in Shepton Mallet. It was hard work but luckily our ancestors were not shirkers, so we opened more pubs, like the unusually named Black Swan, also in Shepton Mallet.

We are Francis, Jonathan, Matthew and Daniel.

For 14 generations our family has always strived to make light, refreshing ciders using a variety of fruit. We are constantly exploring new recipes and love to get your feedback on our latest creations.

We first started selling our Pear Cider at the Glastonbury Festival in 1995 near what was then called the Jazz World Stage. These days it is called The West Holts Stage but our bar is still in the same place. Over the years, festival goers kept asking us if it was possible to get our drink when the festival was over and so we decided to market it to pubs and supermarkets.

Now you can buy it in over 20 countries around the world.

And Singapore is one of them.

If you fancy a unique cider combination, Brothers Toffee Apple has an interesting blend of Toffee which is real smooth.

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Aspall is a village in mid-Suffolk, United Kingdom. As you can guess, orchards abound here. And like Brothers, it dates back centuries.

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For our classic ciders, we like Aspall’s Premier Cru which has the perfect amount of dryness and a crisp note.


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If you’re looking for your cider fix this friday and saturday, we’d highly recommend getting a host of ciders on tap at the Safra Mount Faber BeerFest.

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