Get A Caffeine Kick Out Of Your Snack

Here’s my desk situation: A laptop, a bag of chips, a packet of m&m’s, a cup of tea and a packet of nuts. Once it strikes 3.30pm all that’s left would be my laptop and an empty cup of tea. I swear my energy levels takes a nose-dive when I need it to work and peaks when I’m about to sleep. 

Pretty sure I’m not the only one facing this problem (hello to everyone trying to adult), same wen for Jordan Buckner, co-founder of Tea Squares, who noticed that people around him (no excuse for himself too)  would consume “a bunch of really bad stuff – chips, candy- just to get through the work day.” Gasp, he’s talking about me. This led to the idea of creating tea infused energy snacks a.k.a Tea Squares to provide energy without sacrificing good taste.

What are Tea Squares?

Tea Squares are snacks made with naturally occurring caffeine from organic tea grown without the use of artificial ingredients or preservatives. Each bite-size square is light and airy, packed with wholesome puffed millet, crunchy almonds, and flavorful fruits. Tea Squares are carefully crafted with a simple but powerful purpose: to give you the energy to get it done.

Currently available in 3 flavours: Madgascan Vanilla Bean, Açaí Blueberry and Citrus Green Tea Matcha.


Why you should support them

Other than it being a great pick-me-up in the middle of the day, you can get energy while avoiding the infamous caffeine crash. Especially for you busy-bees who hardly have time for big meals (or you just want to avoid the food coma) but worry that the dreaded gastric will kick in, then you really ought to give these bite-sized energy snacks a try. Doesn’t hurt to keep a bag or two in the office does it?

Tea Squares also have a social mission to hire within their community in Englewood. The location of their business, West 75th Street in Englewood, is an almost entirely African-American neighbourhood that has struggled mightily with economic decline, population loss and violent crime over the past four decades. 

“I really got to see first-hand, essentially being here every week, the joy, the happiness that people were having, the successes in the neighborhood,” said Buckner. “But also where certain people in our community were getting left behind, not being able to find certain jobs, not being able to elevate or promote or learn along the way, and being stuck in more low-end jobs when they wanted to achieve more.” – FamilyFarmed

Tea Squares is part of a rising effort based on one of the tenets of the Good Food movement: that food businesses can play a catalytic role in restoring economic vitality to struggling communities (both urban and rural). So by supporting them, you are in turn leading a positive social impact in the community of Englewood. Great products with an even greater cause. Need I say more?

Photos courtesy of Tea Squares

Order online here. Ships globally.

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