Gifts for Mid-Autumn Festival That Aren’t Traditional Mooncakes

Mooncake is to Mid-Autumn Festival what Bak Kwa is to Chinese New Year. Every year when the season rolls around, you see aggressive marketing of new and unique mooncake flavours, each trying to out-taste their competitors. Employers gift their employees mooncakes, companies gift their clients mooncakes, boyfriends gift their would-be mother-in-laws mooncakes, friends exchange boxes of mooncakes, you get the point. And more often than not, I find my house stocked with enough boxes till Christmas (ok, I may exaggerate, but there is A LOT.) So here are some gift ideas that we thought could be substitutes to the traditional mooncakes we give every year:

1. Tea

I’ve recently grown an appreciation for Chinese teas after finding out the numerous health benefits they have. I’m not talking about the sachets you get from the supermarket, more like the real deal tea-houses that sell high-grade tea leaves. So aromatic when brewed, good tea really invokes a sense of calm. Some tea can even be steeped up to 5 times! Not only do they have a much longer shelf-life, they even help cut the sweetness and oil from the festive goodies.

2. Tea-scented Candles from 1872 Clipper Tea Co.

Photo courtesy of 1872 Clipper Tea Co.

This one’s for those who would like to take things a notch slower and reflect on how 2017 flew by so fast. Other than producing exceptional teas, 1872 Clipper Tea Co. has created tea-based scented candles to further relax your senses as you unwind for the day.

So what can you choose from?

The Singapore Sunrise is a refreshing blend of passion fruit, mango and green tea. Fruity and tropical scents telling of the spirit within this little red dot. Love in Paris as its name suggests, is a sultry blend of rose and chamomile, evocative of the romantic air that is Paris. London Carousel is a classy and very British combination of caramel & cream, black tea and bergamot – the Earl Grey which is quintessential to London.

Maybe a glass of wine/cup of tea, sitting at the balcony with the lingering, sultry scent of Love in Paris in the air, admiring the bright full moon… ahhh this is life.

3. Garrett Popcorn

Photo courtesy of Garrett Popcorn

Garrett’s limited-edition-Mid-Autumn-Season-only Curry Cheesecorn, Salted Egg Yolk Cheesecorn and Barbecue Cheesecorn flavours. Would like to pop some in my mouth right now! I know the Salted-Egg trend is so passé but I really want to try it though *sucker for all things salted egg*. Plus points for the pretty tin can too! No doubt this will be a sure-hit with adults and kids alike, everybody loves a good snack while watching movies (but please don’t sneak it into the cinema).

4. A Treat to Gardens by The Bay

Photos courtesy of Gardens By The Bay

Wait… what??? Hang on, hear me out. If you do the calculations, a box of 8 mooncakes from a hotel would cost about the same as 2 pairs of adult + child tickets to the Flower Dome where the Autumn Harvest will be in full display. Mid-Autumn is essentially about reunion, so what better way than to spend a family day at the Gardens admiring the lanterns and different produce, taking photos, creating new memories? 

5. Gelato Mooncakes

Well… if you insist on giving mooncakes for Mid-Autumn Fest, then why not go with something more… unconventional? Behold, the gelato mooncakes from Butterknife Folk

Photo courtesy of Butterknife Folk

Featuring: Rose Petal Black Tea & Passionfruit ,Rooibos & Mixed Berries, Earl Grey & Strawberry, Matcha & Melon, Chai & Chocolate Orange, Chrysanthemum & Calamansi, Jasmine Milk Chocolate & Apricot, Lemongrass Ginger & Green Apple 

Each set of eight mooncakes is S$68 and comes packaged in a keepsake tiffin carrier. Hmmm very interesting flavours and honestly, snowskin + gelato has gotta be the best kind of mooncakes ever, all the good stuff rolled into one.

While we agree that having mooncakes during Mid-Autumn Festival is a must, there is a limit to how much we can have (ohhh the calories!) So, instead of gifting another box of traditional mooncakes as you have done for the past 10 years, maybe shake things up a bit and gift something else for a change! Who knows, maybe you’ll receive something different next year too 😉

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