Good-Day Coffee in Okinawa, Japan

Sometimes you stumble upon a great discovery on your travels and you just can’t stop raving about it to everyone and anyone who would listen. Be it an experience, a good gelato, a quaint town or a good cafe. And how lucky am I to have found Good-Day Coffee.

Good-day Coffee is a cosy little gem on the island of Okinawa, which gives off the vibes of a typical Melbourne cafe but even more chill (if that’s even possible), with some beach vibes too. Like a good blend of Hawaii and Melbourne if I may.

A little chat with the friendly owners revealed that they met in Gold Coast, Australia while on a working holiday and were so inspired by the cafe culture in Australia that they decided to bring it to the island of Okinawa. Which also accounts for their fluency in English! Their coffee beans are imported from Byron Bay, Australia so you can definitely expect a good cuppa to kickstart your day from as early as 6am. Warm sunshine, friendly baristas and the scent of coffee welcoming every customer that comes through the door, it’s no wonder they’re called “Good-day Coffee”, their objective is to give you a good day’s start!

Delicious and strong cup of flat white

Their menu is limited but that means their focus is only on the good stuff and making excellent coffee. I must say, they’ve totally nailed the brunch concept of Australia. Their Good-day Breaky (~$8.50) is packed full of fresh, ripe avocados, perfect runny-eggs, big slices of bacon, potato salad and thick toast, I savoured every last bite. You know how most cafes gives you only half a portion of avocados? Well that’s what I thought so I added more for a dollar extra, but just look at that plate of overflowing avocados! #noregrets. Another must-try on their menu is their French Toast (~$7.90) with banana, maple syrup and whipped cream. Some say it’s the best french toast on the island and I couldn’t agree more.

Big portions of food with such a relaxed and warm atmosphere, I really didn’t want to leave this homey space but all good things must come to an end. I must leave and continue on my Okinawa adventure to find more hidden gems like this, but I will definitely be back for more great coffee and brunch at this amazing cafe.

Good-day coffee

S-289 , 178-1 , Chatan Town , Okinawa , Japan
6AM – 3PM, Closed on Mondays

Good news for us Singaporeans! You can now fly direct to Okinawa with the new flight routes that Jetstar has launched today for as low as $149! No excuses to miss this awesome cafe!

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