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Out of the many ‘★’s I’ve planted on my Google maps account, Grounded by CMCR was one of those places I knew I had to visit before returning back to the U.K. for final year. I think it was a photo of their cauliflower quinoa salad that had me sold. Any photo of a cauliflower salad, thanks to Foodilic (unfortunately only available 15hrs from home) gets to me. It was one of those things that have been done so well that I just can’t look at it the same again.

by Common Man Coffee Roasters
by Common Man Coffee Roasters

Situated directly above the hustle and bustle of their famed sister joint, Common Man Coffee Roasters, Grounded by CMCR is an open concept with plenty of sunlight and much less chatter. In fact, for noon on a Saturday, Grounded boasted some really good quiet spots with post-Yoga Movement-class yogis on the long bench facing the counter, and another space at the back further past the studio. The leafy al-fresco area, dark wooden floor boards, rustic furniture all harmonized into a kind of industrial elegance perfect for weekend wind downs.

Very organic, which matched the menu well.

We walked up to the counter and behold—I got distracted and didn’t order the cauliflower quinoa salad I supposedly came for. But I held my ‘new haunts’ consistency of ordering 3 dishes for 2. So we got:

1. ‘C6’ green juice & coconut water by Gorilla Press
2. Nut “Sausage” Roll $8 V
3. Matcha Pancakes, with dragonfruit jam, berries, whipped mascarpone (omitted) and lavender honeycomb $16
4. Redemption Bowl, roasted veggies, nuts, seeds, beetroot, feta cheese (omitted) & poached egg finished with a tahini drizzle $17 GF


There is still a lacking of green juice options on most Singaporean menus, and I couldn’t help myself from grabbing one. The lemongrass & green chili in the ingredient list caught my eye, and surprisingly the subtle blend into the concoction worked amazing. Coconut water, with all the hype, was your typical out-of-the-shell tasting liquid.


For starters: the nut “sausage” roll. When there is vegan, go vegan. The crust was toasted to perfection, and the filling was no short of better. Crumbled walnuts and lentils mushed together with mushrooms, your stereotypical vegan fillers but seasoned and spiced to satisfy. It came with a side of onion jam, which transcended us to vegan heaven. Ace.

The pancakes were fluffy yet deceivingly filling. The dragonfruit jam and fresh fruits did lighten the palette, but the questionable Nutella-esque spread in between the pancakes amplified the matcha-deprived batter.



However, the redemption bowl was a true redemption in itself. A generous serving of half an avocado, crusty roasted vegetables (odd description for greens, but that’s how I like mine roasted) and chickpeas all sat beneath a perfectly poached egg. The runny yolk-turned-dressing rounded up the tahini and sweet potato mash into a scrummy yummy mess. The best kind of sloppy-grub.


Having tried half the menu, I’d definitely be back for said cauliflower quinoa salad and carrot cake bircher muesli.

Grounded by CMCR
22 Martin Road 02-00,
Singapore 239058

Phone: +65 6836 4695
Hours: Monday – Sunday, 7:30am – 6:00pm

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