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Tea is a quintessential English drink. I mean, ‘English breakfast tea’. Where else?

I don’t know how it’s taken me three years in Brighton before finally introducing local brand Bluebird Tea & Co. to our platform. I apologise. I first spotted this quaint little store walking through the famous North Lanes of Brighton in first year. Something about their quiet subtleness nestled within the hustle and bustle of one of the busier lanes called out to me. In hindsight, isn’t that the same kind of feeling tea brings upon us? Serenity and calm. A hug in a mug.


sdfsdfsdfBut classical and typical is everything Bluebird is not. The blends are hand-crafted in small batches and lovingly packed by hand. Beyond their huge entrance lay shelves and shelves of their magic brews and potions, with flavours like Maple Bacon Pancakes and Apple Strudel. Mulled Cider was brewing that late winter morning.


Bluebird Tea & Co. has been revolutionising the Brighton tea scene since their opening in 2014. Like a Willy Wonka factory but for tea, with much more sober and less diabetic-inducing tendencies. Ran by power couple Mike and Krisi, they pride themselves as tea mixologists with the sole focus of bringing the benefits of tea with a twist—that is their special blends. They have up to 9 tea types which includes black, green, fruit-infused and increasingly popular yerba mate and rooibos, due to their highly energising yet non-caffeinated properties.

There is nothing more inviting to a store than genuinely invested and interested staff who may geek out about their products. There hasn’t been a time where I’ve entered the store and not receive boundless enthusiasm from the staff behind the counter and Kate didn’t disappoint this visit either.

Through the magic doors:




Kate tells me that the theme of the brand lies in being creative and fun. Rather than straight teas such as green tea or plain rooibos, they develop unique and exciting flavours using a wide range of blending ingredients such as herbs, flowers, fruits and hear this, cake sprinkles! They currently boast a range of over 80 blends, releasing 4 limited edition ones each season. They intend for their teas to be easily adaptable, infusing them into tea cocktails, cold brews, lattes, smoothies (who would have thought!) and is also perfect for baked scrummies. They have a recipe for chai banana loaf over on their blog, universiTEA, which is ever so aptly named. I’d imagine a tea-flavoured granola would do wonders to early mornings too. 


52Their famed blending kits which were birthed based off customer’s feedback. Perfect gifting option for any occasion.


IMG_3781 copy

If I could bottle their teas into a fragrance, I’m betting they would sell. Considering the brand already has tea scented candles and soaps, walking around smelling like candy seems like the next best deal. 


Repeat after me: matcha, honey, local, must get. 


Many of the tea gizmos on sale are from familiar brands like Hario and Zero Japan. They also produce their own tea gadgets like their famed ingeuniTEA, aka Bluebird’s teapot of choice.



The in-house tea bar and sitting area neatly packed at the back of the store.

IMG_3749 IMG_3766

96Kate also served us a cup of Morning Kick and an almond milk gingernut matcha latte.

IMG_3893 copy

A tester flask of the staff’s pick of the moment is put out each day. I got the honours of picking the brew of the day, so I chose my all-time fave Peppermint Crème.

Bluebird also offers Mixology Tea Blending workshops for those who want to learn and get hands on with the science of concocting your very own tea. Each session lasts for about 3hrs, and on top of all the takeaways, they also serve unlimited tea cocktails for you to clink the night away with other tea enthusiasts. 

Time to hop on over to their site and like they say, don’t be a mug! They’re celebrating their 3rd birthday today so hop on over to their site or pop down to the store and give them a little shout. 

IMG_5079 copy

Last but not least a huge thank you to Kate and the Brighton team for their warm hospitality. 

Bluebird Tea Co.
41 Gardener St., Brighton, BN1 1UN (also located in Tunbridge Wells and Bristol) 
+44 1273 325523

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