Introducing: BrewDog

If you love beer and craft beer, surely you would have heard of Brewdog.

A craft beer brewery based in Scotland, these boys are the rockstars of the craft beer movement.

They literally went against the grain in 2007, and have not only grown a solid stable of craft beers since, but have also revolutionised the concept of brewery to restaurant/bar and retail.

These are 4 of their headliners: the classic Punk IPA, Dead Pony Club Pale Ale, Jet Black Heart Oatmeal Milk Stout and 5AM Saint American Red Ale.


Then there’s the amplified collection: beers with an added bitterness, a family of intense and flavoursome beers

Love grapefruit AND beer? Here’s the beer for you: Elvis Juice. A grapefruit infused IPA.


And just to prove the rockability of Brewdog, here is a year by year timeline of how far they’ve come, and we can only imagine what else they have in store. All images via https://www.brewdog.com.

brewdog-2015 brewdog-2014 brewdog-2013 brewdog-2012 brewdog-2011 brewdog-2010 brewdog-2009 brewdog-2008brewdog-2007

If you’re now dead keen on trying Brewdog out in Singapore, they’re available on tap at the Safra Mount Faber BeerFest, happening this weekend. Did someone say freeflow Brewdog for 4 hours….? Get your tickets already.


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