Crunch Time With Meiji

Remember that Häagen-Dazs Ice Cream Bar Review we did? Think we might have found a worthy match, and at a comparatively affordable price.

Introducing the world of Meiji Ice Cream Bars – her Salted Caramel Flavour, in particular.

Backstory: I had wanted to buy a box of their Strawberry-flavoured ice cream bars since trying it upon a friend’s recommendation. That, too, is in a league of its own in the strawberry field (lulz), but ok yes we are talking about Salted Caramel now. At NTUC Fairprice, a box of four goes for $7.50 (as listed by Honestbee here) but two boxes for $10!!

Although I’m completely sold on Strawberry, this was ALSO a star buy. It’s got kind of a striking nutty, burnt taste like the Hokkaido soft serve rendition of Salted Caramel – definitely more authentic and savoury than most. It’s the kind of ice cream that melts rather quickly, rich in flavour. That studded shell cracks in perfection, and you can actually taste how Japanese it is – an excellent melding of elements.

Enough raving on my end. Fingers crossed that the 2-box promotion is still ongoing when you get your hands on this! I would buy it at full price, which works out to be $1.87 each?? YES. JUST.

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