Life Is Like A Box Of Polvorón

A little background on Polvorón: It’s a dense, sweet, crumbly dessert shortbread which originates in Spain. It’s popularised in former colonies Latin America and the Philippines, where we got this box from. Signature Pinoy Bakeshop, Goldilocks, to be specific. After a revelatory first try of this already-nostalgic snack, here’s why I think Polvorones are a metaphor for life:

Processed with VSCO with p5 presetYou get served all sorts. So. many. flavours. Finding your favourite is a matter of trial and error, and an excuse to ingest every one there is. After trying everything, I haven’t found a flavour I remotely dislike.

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It will teach you things. Like wth is Pinipig? Pounded and toasted young green rice, like Rice Krispies. And Ube (below)? Purple yam.

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Both Ube and Pinipig were recommended by my Filipino friend. While Ube is milky, fragrant and rounded in flavour, Pinipig is decidedly crunchy and buttery.

You will try to keep it together but fail miserably. It’s incredibly crumbly, but that’s what lends its amazing melt-in-yo-mouth quality. Just don’t try eating it on the go, or with your most expensive shirt on.

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Coffee was strong without tasting too artificial.

Balance is key. I’m speaking in terms of taste and texture. Because the Philippine version is made from milk powder, sugar, flour and butter (as opposed to lard), it is especially sweet but not devoid of flavour otherwise. The cashew and peanut flavours are just great because they’re a little savoury as well. You can expect a bit of crunch in the crumble.

You can’t get enough of it. If you’re not careful, your Polvoron supply will almost be at its end in no time. Polvoron can be found in select outlets of NTUC and Giant, so if you chance upon it, do try it at least once.

Here’s leaving you with a final fun fact: Polvoron is adapted into a signature ice cream flavour in Cuba! It’s also called Cuban Vanilla there. WANT.

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