Material Matcha Uji 宇治

What is material matcha uji?

It encompasses 3 blends of one-of-a-kind, exceptionally rare Matcha green teas. Yeah I bet you are all thinking the same thing, *skeptical eyebrow raising* hmmmmmmm exceptionally rare matcha green teas? I mean there’s tons of matcha teas out there so what makes them so special?


Well, Material Matcha Uji teas are made by collaborating with traditional tea-masters from the region of, Uji Japan, using ancient, uncompromising, and almost forgotten techniques of tea-making with the highest quality tea leaves to recreate long lost flavors. So in other words, this matcha tea is gonna be a blast from the past.

How it all started


Etienne and Morgan, two young French expats & foodies, who love Japan with all their hearts gave up running the rat-race in finance & IT to go on a quest for purity: to find and (re)create the greatest Matcha green teas ever!

Spending time in Uji made them realize that while “matcha” was in high demand everywhere else in the world, they were nothing more than low quality green tea dust. Farmers in Japan are facing increasing expensesweak demand for superior quality matcha, and lower sales value coupled with a lack of young people who are willing to continue in this line of work, this Japanese tea culture could die-off in the next 10 to 20 years. 

With the legendary tea-master, Mr. Haruhide Morita. Modest by height, a giant by knowledge!
Why you should support them

Kickstarter starts from $50

“Impossible!” said tea farmers! Matcha of this quality is currently not exported, and is also not very popular on the domestic market out of privy tea ceremony circles: young Japanese people do not drink high quality matcha often. But the tide can turn. They are reaching out internationally, to people like you and I who would go crazy for Japanese products.

Aesthetics aside (urgh I have such a weakness for anything remotely Muji-esque), your support will go a long way in the tea-maker and tea-farmer community in Japan. They want to pass on their knowledge and techniques to the future generations, and they look forward to producing high quality matcha at a fair price, rather than low-quality tea for the big food & beverage corporations who buy them in bulk, squeezing every drop of profit from them. 

Is it worth the switch from commercial grade matcha to craft high-quality matcha? Well, that’s up to you decide. There is always a price-tag attached to the appreciation of the finer things in life. And most of all, you will lend a helping hand in the preservation of quality matcha tea in Japan. 

Photo credits to Material Matcha Uji

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