Have Your Cake & Grill It Too.

Photo courtesy of Laura Baiardini

Do you like savoury food more than sweet desserts? Have you ever wished for a bacon-filled cake instead of the overly-sweet chocolate cake you get every year? Good news, your dream can come true! Because… MEAT CAKES ARE A THING! 

Wait what???

Yup. Meat cakes. No they aren’t cakes shaped like a piece of steak, but cakes made with real meat. I ain’t even kidding. You have Amy Sedaris to thank for making every meat lover’s dream come true. First seen on her promotional poster for At Home with Amy Sedaris, you can see her holding a 4-tier cake wrapped with several cuts of meat and decorated with meat “roses” (and she holds it with such ease.) This takes a “mountain of meat” to a whole new level.


The real thing showed up as a huge 7-tier meat cake at the premiere party. Oh wow, this is one party where the cake would be gone in no time. 

Sedaris may have sparked a trend but this is old news to the Japanese. They have been celebrating birthdays with meat cakes for ages. It is popular in Japan to celebrate birthdays in yakiniku (grilled meat) restaurants, so establishments came up with the idea of meat cake instead of offering traditional sweet cakes for customers to peel off and grill. Pretty ingenious I say, also, why are we always one step behind the Japanese?!

Photo Courtesy of Tabelog

And sometimes they’re beautifully decorated with flowers to make it look like a present. I would gladly accept one of these for my birthday, but buy me a grill set too please. #justsaying

So, meat cakes, will this trend catch on to Singapore’s yakiniku restaurants or will it be butchered before it even starts? Guess we’ll have to keep a look-out!

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