One Michelin Star Cup Noodles = More Instant Gratification

Nakiryu has joined the ranks of having a Michelin Star this year alongside Tsuta, the first in Tokyo. Known for their dan dan noodles, a spicy pork dish originating from Sichuan, China, they teamed up with Nissin to replicate their famous ramen in the form of cup noodles.

I bet you’re all wondering the same thing, “can it REALLY replicate the real thing??” While we would love to do a taste-test for ourselves, it is only sold in Japan at the moment, so that will have to wait. Lucky for us, enrocketnews24 sent their reporter to taste how well it compares to the real thing and the review is… (drumroll)… “it was magnificent“. 

IMG_4181Guess which is whichAnswer: Top: Nissin, Bottom: Original
   Photo Credit: enrocketnews24

And if the photo can’t convince you of the A-Grade replica, here are the raving online reviews:

“It’s the best cup noodle I’ve had in a while.”
“This is one good instant ramen.”
“I think that both the quality and reproduction are outstanding.”
“If you like dandan noodles you should eat this at least once.”
“This is so genuine and so good it’s scary.”
“These were so tasty I bought another one the same day.”
“I can feel the restaurant through this cup noodle.”
“This shouldn’t even be classified as instant ramen.”
“I’m going to buy a case next time.”

IT’S A MIRACLE!!! NOW I REALLY HAVE TO GET MY HANDS ON ONE (200Yen) OR ONE CARTON OF IT. Hello airfrov and shopee, thank you for existing.


Finally, I can stay in holed up in my comforter all day watching anime, slurping cheap world-class instant ramen, pretending I’m in the land of the rising sun. #myinnerotakuishappy ~ヾ(^∇^)                                                                                    

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