Nespresso & The Food Bank Singapore Feed Families #OnePodAtATime

In conjunction with World Environment Day, Nespresso is inviting all drinkers to recycle their used Nespresso capsules in order to feed local beneficiaries. How it works is: collaborator Food Bank Singapore will send a healthy food bundle to a local beneficiary in their network every time Nespresso capsules are being recycled.

Each food bundle contains fresh vegetables from leading distributor Quan Fa Organic Farm and can provide between 8-10 nutritious meals for one person.

So if you’re a Nespresso drinker and club member, all you have to do is recycle your used Nespresso capsules by the following means:

If you didn’t already know, aluminium is an infinitely recyclable metal, making every component of the capsule useful even after the coffee has been extracted. This is also because the waste coffee grounds are used as compost in Quan Fa Organic Farm.

Here are the Nespresso Boutiques you can drop off your Nespresso capsules at, in order to enjoy 10% purchases at Quan Fa’s e-shop on top of providing a meal to a beneficiary:

Raffles City Shopping Centre #01-16,

ION Orchard Pop Up store at L1 Atrium

Takashimaya Department Store B1

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