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Not sure how many might be aware of the once-existent ICE CREAM version of Crunchie – yes, the mighty sweet candy bar that’s 94% honeycomb toffee sugar centre, 5% faultless Cadbury milk chocolate coating and 1% nuisance of getting stuff stuck in your teeth.

R02914002_RR_Website_Product_Shots_500x500px_Crunchie-Bars-4-PackBack in primary school when I had less of a dietary conscience, I used to have one of those every single day. Till they stopped selling it in convenience stores. Never was a fan of the ordinary chocolate version; it just seemed to pale in comparison with its creamy, glorious, cold counterpart. Not even hokey pokey with vanilla quite hit the spot, because in this case even the ice cream was honeycomb flavored.

Rifling through a Cheers freezer one day (not an everyday occurrence, promise), I found the answer to more than a decade’s deprivation.

Smooth and creamy honeycomb ice cream covered in a thick layer of Magnum cracking milk chocolate and crunchy honeycomb bits.

That just begs to be unwrapped and bitten into. The tantalising crunch of milk chocolate dotted with caramelised sugar clusters combined with ice cold, saccharine and frankly indescribable honeycomb ice cream filling, and the base of the Magnum with the most amazing chocolate-coating-to-ice-cream ratio. Phenomenal! And all too familiar.

The second time I tried it (incidentally just the following night) though, I couldn’t finish more than its shell and half the ice cream within, because it was getting much too sweet by the minute. This is coming from someone who doesn’t have a sweet tooth; but I’m determined to have as many as I can for as long as they sell Magnum Honeycomb locally. Meanwhile, on to the other adventurous flavours in store…

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PS. The Almond Magnum ice cream bar is by far a long-standing favourite, followed by the Double Caramel and Marc de Champagne.

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