Off The Shelves | Bite-Sized Oreo, NOT CHEESE

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Life is full of adventure. Sometimes it comes in a packet of mini Oreo (which I usually never buy, because to stop at a few seems deceivingly pathetic) scrawled with promotional Japanese text and no English label stuck on. Could’ve Googled, but where’s the fun in that?

I thought it looked strangely reminiscent of Ritz Bits:


Here’s why.

So it had to be cheese!

Never could I have guessed what that stuff was, until a strong artificially sweet smell sounded all the red alarms in my head upon opening the packet.

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How sneaky!
I must say though, that for someone without a sweet tooth, its smell was much funkier than its taste. Very soon I was popping a few in my mouth at one go – once again, very sneaky, Oreo.
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Banana bite-sized Oreo (~$2 irl but $6.95 on eBay, no idea why)

Quite worth a try for anyone who likes the flavor of banana essence, though personal favourites remain Original, Strawberry, Coconut and that Shrek-themed Mint Chocolate that never returned. This won’t be the last Japanese snack we’re snatching off the shelves, so stay tuned for sweet and savoury gems to come.

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