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Yes, the Korean ‘Honey Butter Chips’ and ‘Honey Tong Tong’ have been and still are all the rage – but to me, they aite. We try two knock-offs and see if any honey butter snack comes close to the original.

I grabbed Lotte’s Honey Butter Kokalkon Corn Snack ($1.50 from Sol Mart, Star Vista) off the shelves because it was so cheap and I wanted to nibble on something sweet and savoury. And I trust Lotte even though this was suspiciously cheap.

Like any adult would, the first thing I did was wear one on every finger but I’m much too embarrassed to post a photo of my manicornycure. It tastes of sweet corn yes, but that definitely wasn’t the main constituent. It was light, slightly grainy and ridiculously addictive even though it wasn’t the most satisfying in flavour.

I had seven eighths of the bag before passing the remaining few to my friend, whom otherwise would have to hold me down. At this stage I do not recognise myself, for I would never attempt an entire bag of chips on my own, especially if it sounds the furthest thing from nutritious. But this large packet was great value for money, no complaints. It’s closer to the triangular ‘Tong Tong’ snack in terms of texture.

Lay’s Honey Butter Chips ($2, from 7-11) are from the ghetto. They do not boast of acacia honey and french butter like the original HaeTae version (sorry, we’re always going to compare now) does, and even if they did, I couldn’t read it in Thai.

My first thoughts upon opening the packet were: “WhY are there ridges?” (because you ain’t Ruffles) and “Wew the smell!”. It smelt sweet, faux-buttery but not revolting. The first few¬†tasted of artificial seasoning, but much of me was in denial because of how great that seasoning tasted. Slightly milky, honey-flavoured with a kick of salt from the crisps themselves, which was the payoff for me. This is a far cry from the original Hae Tae Honey Butter Chips – they taste cheaper but certainly hit the spot. It also did taste very Thai, in a sense. You’ll just have to try it to know!

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