The Perfect Pumpkin Pie for Fall

Caramelizing the pumpkin puree means that this is a pie with guts, one that won’t just sit there phoning in the pumpkin flavor, burying it under lots of spice. But its genius is much more than that. You don’t have to blind bake the crust. You use real milk and cream instead of evaporated milk, with predictably better results. And because you blast it at 400 degrees the whole time, it bakes in 25 minutes — less than half the time of your average back-of-the-can recipe.


FF’s Tea Hit-list

Tea is the 2nd most-consumed drink in the world next to water and it’s health benefits are incredible. That’s why we here at Foodiefolks have rounded up the best teahouses in Singapore for you to enjoy a great cuppa that might just convert you into a tea-lover.