Yes, You Can Taste Beers for a Living.

We all know that friend who drinks beer like it’s water, yup that friend. And boy, do we have good news! The University of Nottingham is looking for “Professional Beer Tasters” to help with research in the area of brewing. Sounds too good to be true?


Last year we saw the “Probably the Best Job in the World” campaign launched by Carlsberg with the very very attractive salary of a whopping $20000 for 4 HOURS of BEER-TASTING. Yup, you saw that right, dreams do come true for the lucky few.

So what are the qualifications needed? Well, no experience is necessary but you must, of course, love drinking beer. I know some of you may already be pimping out your résumé, do remember that it is, after all, a paid job that comes with real responsibilities. Christina Dietz, one of the Ph.D. student running the project reveals that “This may sound like an easy job but actually becoming a trained beer taster is hard work. It is serious science involving careful analysis and evaluations of flavour and aroma that will enable our research team to better understand the flavour of beer and help our industry partners improve their products and test out new technologies and ideas.”

It is not just “yeah this beer taste great, this beer sucks”, you have to explain the why and what of it. Your contribution will go a long way in aiding the beer industry. Whoever lands this job, make us proud.



The project is expected last over three-four years with training of up to two sessions per week. Hopefully, by then your taste buds would be so acutely sensitive to flavour you can do this forever just like Steve Bruntlett.

Well we’d better start training now, off to the bar we go! In the name of science.

For more information do drop an email to by 20 September 2017.

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