Ritz Crackers Has Gotten An Upgrade

I love all things sour cream & onion, it’s my kryptonite. My go-tos have always been Lays or Ruffles (depending on which is cheaper ha), but Ritz Toasted Chips, what a game-changer.

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First off, IT’S TOASTED NOT FRIED. Hallelujah. It has 40% less fat than a regular bag of potato chips. And if you think that just because it ain’t thin like potato chips, it’s gonna taste more like biscuits? You are wrong. It’s not super thick that it clumps together into a sticky ball while chewing, but not thin where you feel like you barely ate anything, in fact it’s actually a perfect balance between chips and biscuits.

It’s not as salty but still flavourful, crispy and crunchy with a better mouthfeel, and without the oily aftertaste you get from regular potato chips. Ahh nothing better than a bag of addictive chips with a low calorie count. 

I was sold from the first bite. The next time you want to reach for Lays/Ruffles, try this instead. No ragrets, promise.

Also available in other flavours like Dairyland Cheddar and Original.


Get them here: RedmartHonestbee, NTUC Fairprice,


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