Sushi 101

Shoyu love sushi as much as I do? That’s soy awesome, it’s rice to know that someone shares the same thoughts, it makes miso happy. What? You’re bento-ver in pain at these puns? Well I’m sorry cause I am o-fish-ally at the point of nori-turn. 

Alright alright, I’ll cool it with the puns.

With all these sushi hybrids popping up, I can’t help but go back to the original version. How many of us actually know how to eat sushi, the authentic Japanese way? Bet you don’t know that ordering simple rolls signifies you’re ending your order (well, I didn’t know that either). But no worries, here’s a simple illustrated guide from I Love Coffee that will help you look like an expert in front of Chef Jiro Ono.

Let’s roll!sushi1sushi2sushi3

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