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It’s a rainy humpday morning and all I can think about is stew. Not just any stew though – Korean Army Stew (or Budae Jjigae / 부대찌개) only caught on in the recent year or so. I speak for the internet world, at least.

Back in the early 1950s, Koreans, impoverished from war, would put SPAM, beans and sausages supplied by the American military base into traditional hotpot and dig right in. Foodie Folks shall endeavour to recreate this one pot wonder in the near future. Seems simple enough.


Image via My Korean Kitchen

Looks ravishing, doesn’t it?

My current favourite place to gratify this k-raving is Kim Dae Mun, on the street level of Concorde Hotel. I’ve walked past numerous times to see office people and students dining in this humble eatery.

Though I’m not stoked over having American cheese slices in my soup (maybe I just need to get over myself and try it), simple classics like Bean Paste and Kimchi Soup do it for me.

Though KDM is just one of many sites to have authentic Korean food, the choice is clear when it comes to finding affordable, homely meals in the Somerset / Dhoby Ghaut area that don’t come in the form of fries and McBunz.

There’s nothing like a large portion of clear, spicy, sour and savoury broth with pork, seafood, chicken or beef among greens, glass noodles, tofu and more.

For about $7-10, you can enjoy a generously-dished main, accompanied by white or purple rice, and a side such as kimchi, anchovies or pickled cucumber. What a steal??

Bibimbap, hot plate beef, Kimchi pancake, grilled mackerel… You name it – Kim Dae Mun’s staff, who are Korean (of course), have got you covered, running it like clockwork.

They even have a tasty lineup of memes up on their Facebook Page:

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Kim Dae Mun is located at Concorde Hotel, at the following address.

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