Hawkerpreneurs To Look Out For At The Tiger Street Food Festival

When you mention street-food in Singapore, the Pasar-Malam is just about as street as it gets here. While our street food cannot compare to the likes of Bangkok and Taiwan, some would consider our unique hawker culture as our “street food”. In hopes of promoting and supporting the hawker trade in Singapore, Tiger Beer launched the Tiger Street Food Fund to help aspiring hawkers kickstart their career. Not only do they provide funds, they also organize the inaugural Tiger Street Food Festival to showcase signature dishes from 16 of its fund recipients at only $2!!! Nothing better than having (cheap) good food, good music, and good beer under one roof.

Wonderfull nasi lemak

Helmed by 26-year-old Lois Er and her father, Wonderfull Nasi Lemak was born out of their love for nasi lemak. Lois was a graphic designer before deciding to pursue her passion for food. We heard that the chicken wing is “faultless and finger-licking good” with “superb sambal” to complement its fragrant rice. I’m betting this stall would give other famous nasi-lemaks a run for their money.

Ah Tan Wings

I fear what my life would have been if the Har-Cheong-Gai (prawn paste chicken wings) was never created. It’s hands-down THE BEST fried chicken recipe ever (sorry Korean fried chicken), so epically delicious, crispy and fragrant. Siblings Tan Wee Yang and Tan Yu Yan left their jobs in accounting and sales to launch Ah Tan’s Wings seeking to infuse an international mix into the local hawker scene to target the millennial generation. Their promise: the crustiest prawn paste chicken wings worth chiong-ing down for.

Prawn village

Before embarking on his hawker journey, Lawrence used to serve in the Republic of Singapore Navy. A chance meeting with an amazing bowl of Penang style prawn noodle while vacationing in Penang led to an apprenticeship in learning the skills and recipes required to open his own stall in Singapore. It’s not a copycat of the one in Penang though, he has spent years cooking for his family and friends to perfect his own rendition of hearty and flavourful prawn noodles that does not skimp on the quality and size of the prawns. 
PS. Emotional/Social attachment included in each bowl of Prawn Village Noodle.

Tasty street sg

Tasty Street Sg is proof that healthy bowls doesn’t have to break your bank. Edward Too, a graduate from Temasek Polytechnic’s culinary school, drew inspirations from his past working experiences in various F&B establishments and co-founded this business to serve up colourful, healthy grain bowls. While there are so many other grain-bowls in Singapore, you will definitely be bowled over by their locally-influenced Iberico Lor Bak (braised pork belly) Bowl, full of the familiar taste and smell that our mums cook but with premium ingredients. Eating clean has never seemed this tasty.


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While most of us are struggling just to keep our grades up in school, Raymond is in the midst of studying AND running his F&B business at the same time. Impressive no? Snuggrubs serves up a range of modern western food with a local twist. As a student turned hawkerpreneur, he is an inspiration for the youths to pursue their passion, no matter how tough it may be. Be sure to try his signature sous-vide chicken with creamy mushroom sauce and herb fried rice!

jia xiang nasi lemak

If you’ve never had authentic blue Nasi Kerabu then you’ve been missing out on life. What’s Nasi Kerabu? It is blue nasi lemak. Don’t fret, there’s nothing artificial about it, in fact it’s all-natural butterfly pea flower that’s cooked with rice that gives it the pretty shade of blue. The founder, Kenneth used to work in the IT and software industry before venturing into F&B. He learned the recipe from his grandmother in his hometown in Kedah, Malaysia, and even his sambal chilli is freshly made and grandma-approved.

No doubt hawker centers are an essential part of Singapore’s culture, something I would hate to see disappear. Am I ever grateful for the next generation of hawkers to take up the reigns in preserving our culture because frankly, it is not an easy path to tread on. We all know the grueling long hours and less-than-glamourous conditions that hawkers face, and frankly, how many of us millennials would leave the comfort of our air-conditioned office jobs to slog it out there? These hawkerpreneurs gives me hopeful future to look forward to by bringing a refreshing change to the hawker scene with their creative innovations to our traditional comfort foods.


5PM – 10:30PM


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