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“Gone are the days when eating vegan meant having to miss out.” iChoc makes chocolate that is completely cruelty-free and so similar to ‘traditional’ chocolate that even non-vegans can hardly notice the difference. How? Instead of using powdered milk from animals, they use rice drink powder (also known as ‘rice milk’).

Though I will just straight-up admit that my purchase was due to the crisp. I just love chocolate/cakes/ice-cream with a bit of crunch, it really elevates the whole experience. 

I’ve gotta say, I can’t tell the difference between this vegan chocolate and the usual chocolate. It is every bit as creamy and sweet and that bit of crunch, oh yum. Well I would’ve liked more crunch in it but that’s just me. Who needs milk when you can get such great consistency without it?

I also love the fact that they use organic ingredients, environmentally-friendly packaging and fair wages for suppliers. This is ethical chocolate at best.

√ Vegan manufacturing process
√ 100 % organic
√ environmentally-friendly packaging
√ carefully-selected raw ingredients
√ mixed cultivation cocoa farming
√ fair wages that are above global market prices
√ no child labour
√ natural recipes – no flavourings
√ no emulsifiers (e.g. soya lecithin)

Also, I’ve got a slight confession to make. I left my chocolate bar out on the dining table overnight and surprisingly, there were no ants surrounding it the next day. Woohooo! Good news for the vegans! Ants aren’t a fan of vegan products.

Can be found in NTUC Fairprice for $5.80

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