What If Hollywood Directors Shot Cooking Videos?

Ever since Buzzfeed started Tasty, a lot of my Facebook time has been taken up by their 2-3min long cooking videos. Everything looks so simple and do-able but whether I actually tried them or not, well that’s a different story. Point is, cooking videos have taken over traditional print recipes (for kitchen noobs like me it’s just so much easier to follow when it’s ‘live’), and people are eating it up. 

But what if, cooking videos were made in the style of Hollywood directors? 

Meet David Ma, the director of movie-inspired videos. I have to say, you sir, are a master. What a brilliant, beautiful and drool-worthy concept. If there’s one thing better than beautiful cinematography, it’s beautiful FOOD cinematography. 

Ma told Business Insider: “The idea came when I was on Instagram scrolling through recipe videos. So many were shot overhead, with hyperlapsed footage and an all-too familiar stock music track. As a director, I’m always looking for unexpected ways to shoot food and I thought it’d be funny to imagine how these would look if a big Hollywood director approached them.”


It’s more than just a creative and epic food recipe video, David Ma uses this to pay homage to his favourite directors and their films. From the music, to the color palette , to the cinematic, everything is re-created down to the tiniest details.  You will see floating eggs, butter, pans in a zero gravity world inspired by Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity, a crumbling waffle tower, flour explosions and the waffle iron for the presence of a steel machinery inspired by Michael Bay’s Transformer. One thing’s for sure, these are definitely not your usual run-of-the-mill food recipes. 


You know what I really want to see? What if Wong Kar Wai made French Toast. Bam. 

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