What’s Brewing? Mobile Coffee Carts for Hire in Singapore

Coffee, the drug of choice for most has been garnering a steady stream of cult following in Singapore over the last few years. With cafes sprouting up faster than you can say ‘flat white’, it is evident that there is a demand for specialty coffee. It’s no wonder coffee dispensaries are slowly getting replaced by mobile coffee carts serving up fresh coffee at weddings, events and conferences.

The Coffee Cart

Inspired by mobile coffee carts delivering happiness through coffee to the people of London and New York, Joel wanted to bring a similar experience to Singaporeans, without the plane flight. He set-up shop in the heartlands of Crawford estate, a quaint and humble cafe that extends to delivering mobile-coffee-on-wheels experience at pop-up events, wedding celebrations and corporate events.

Photo courtesy of The Coffee Cart

Kinsmen Coffee

Good coffee, made simple, anytime, anywhere. Founded by Singapore Latte Art Champion 2015, Jervis Tan, you can expect delicious coffee with a pretty latte art! The good folks of Kinsmen Coffee also work very closely with 2 local coffee roasters – 2 Degrees North and Santino Coffee Specialists to choose different blends for different guests, aiming to cater the majority. One of their special offerings is the Turmeric Latte, an ideal alternative to coffee based on its numerous health benefits and great taste.

Photo courtesy of Kinsmen Coffee


Birthed out of a love for coffee, both founder Uzen Tan and co-founder Julian Lim taught themselves the ropes to brewing a great cup of perk-me-up after hours and hours of practice and reading up on coffee. To them, coffee must not only look good but more importantly, it has to taste good. Ultimately, their goal is to serve you a cup of coffee that changes your experience. 

Photo courtesy of Nineteen95

King’s Cart Coffee

King’s Cart Coffee is founded by the barista and roaster of Shrove Tuesday – a micro roaster situated in Toa Payoh. Their beans are a blend of high grade Colombia Supremo and Guatemala beans that produces a full body espresso rich in chocolate and nut flavors combined with an aromatic floral and red berry finish. Pair that with their top-of-the-line coffee machinery, I’ll say you’re definitely getting your money’s worth.

Photo courtesy of King’s Cart Coffee

abbie’s coffeehouse

Here at Abbie’s, they strongly believe everyone has the right to enjoy a nice cup of coffee with their loved ones at their own convenience. This propelled the launch of their mobile coffee cart to make artisanal drinks easily available to anyone, anywhere at anytime. Other than a good cuppa, they also offer other beverages such as the Matcha Latte and Hot Chocolate for non-coffee lovers.

Photo courtesy of Abbie’s Coffeehouse

Olla specialty coffee

Founder of Olla Specialty Coffee, Lee Hee Wei is an award winning barista from the Singapore National Barista Championship 2013. Together with his team, he aims to bring better coffee out of the “4 walls of a cafe” with his mobile coffee catering carts. They source their beans from local roasters, Nylon Coffee Roasters who source, roast and brew coffee around the world. You know they mean business when their standard of coffee is brewing a cup that needs no sugar.

Photo courtesy of Olla Specialty Coffee

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